12 Best AI YouTube Video Makers [Updated]

Imagine you could create captivating YouTube videos with just a few keystrokes, transforming your words into visual masterpieces. That’s the power of AI YouTube video makers. These ingenious tools are not just about efficiency. They embody a new era of creative freedom, where ideas leap from script to screen, captivating audiences in the visually rich digital world.

As we journey through some of the most innovative AI video makers available today, prepare to discover how they’re unlocking new possibilities for content creators and businesses alike in this visually-dominated age.

What Makes AI YouTube Video Makers?

When it comes to picking the perfect AI video generator, think of it like choosing a new smartphone. You want something that’s easy to use, right? Something that makes you look good without needing a PhD in tech.

Here’s the scoop: go for a mix of freebies and the ones with price tags. And keep an eye out for these gems:

Super-realistic avatars (like, almost human)
A whole bunch of language options (because, global village)
Spot-on captions (no more “what did they just say?” moments)
Voices that sound like they’re straight out of a recording studio
A smorgasbord of cool templates
Room to slap your brand on it.

That’s how you make videos that pop!

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The Best AI YouTube Video Makers

Here is our list of the 12 best AI YouTube video makers (2023).


This AI video generator is a dream for those who want hassle-free video creation. It’s all about turning scripts or articles into compelling videos, perfect for social media or your website. With Pictory, you can edit videos using text, create video highlight reels, and even automatically caption and summarize your videos. It’s user-friendly, making it a great choice for personal bloggers and businesses aiming to boost engagement and quality.


Synthesia is a front-runner in the AI video generator arena, known for its text-to-voiceover and video creation technology. It’s especially adept at crafting explainer videos and product tutorials. The cool thing about Synthesia is its lip-syncing AI video technology. You get to choose from an array of avatars, type in your script in one of 140+ languages, and voilà – a professional-grade video is ready. Plus, with 69 real “Humatars” and a wide range of unique styles, the customization possibilities are vast.


HeyGen makes creating business videos with generative AI as simple as pie. It’s all about turning text into professional videos within minutes. You can choose from over 300 voices in 40+ languages, and even create custom avatars with your own voice. HeyGen stands out with its customization options, allowing you to combine several scenes into one video and add your favorite music, making it a versatile tool for various video production needs.


InVideo is a powerhouse for those who want to create marketing and explainer videos without any prior experience in video creation. It’s about turning input text into stunning videos in minutes. Offering a vast array of professionally designed templates, InVideo simplifies the entire process and allows for direct sharing to social media platforms. It’s perfect for making promo videos, presentations, and even video testimonials.


Synthesys stands out for its ability to enhance video content by transforming scripts into vibrant media presentations. It’s particularly effective for explainer videos, eLearning, and social media content. The platform boasts a large library of both male and female voices, ensuring clear and natural voice-overs. With its high-resolution output and user-friendly interface, Synthesys is a go-to for businesses looking to create professional videos.

Deepbrain AI

This tool is all about ease and speed in video creation. Perfect for beginners, Deepbrain AI allows users to generate a variety of videos, from sales pitches to advertisements, simply by uploading a script. It features over 100 hyper-realistic AI avatars and supports 55 languages, making it a versatile choice for diverse video production needs.

Wave Video

Touted as an easy platform for video creation, Wave Video offers a state-of-the-art online video editor. It lets you resize and trim videos, combine clips, change layouts, and add text animations. Its customizable live-streaming studio allows for multi-channel broadcasting. Ideal for social media content creators, Wave Video simplifies the video-making process without the need for advanced editing skills.


Elai.io offers endless possibilities for video creation with realistic and customizable digital presenters. It features over 25 high-quality avatars, more than 75 languages, and 450 different voices, making it a strong contender for educational or marketing material. Its AI script crafting with GPT enhancements and professional video templates provide a versatile and user-friendly video-making experience.


Known for its ease of use, FlexClip comes with thousands of templates and text animations. It provides access to a vast library of royalty-free stock assets, making it ideal for creating and editing stunning clips. FlexClip’s cloud-based video solutions facilitate team collaboration, and its comprehensive learning suite covers everything from video editing to marketing strategies.


Veed.io is a comprehensive and user-friendly video editor, offering a wide range of features right in your browser. It stands out with its Auto Transcribe feature, which can generate scripts from video content. This platform allows for easy customization of videos with text, colors, fonts, and music, making it a solid choice for various video projects.


Peech is designed with marketing teams in mind, offering quick and easy video creation that can turn raw footage into professionally edited drafts. While it doesn’t focus on text-to-video, it excels in enhancing existing video content with on-screen visuals, graphic text, and animated icons, aligning with brand guidelines and animation styles.


Lumen5 specializes in converting blog posts and written content into engaging video material. This AI-driven tool assists in matching scenes with relevant stock footage, simplifying the process for marketing teams looking to repurpose long-form content into visually appealing videos.

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