Top Sales Influencers You Should Follow in 2024

Did you know that 78% of salespeople using social media perform better than their peers? It’s clear that staying connected and well-informed is more crucial than ever in the fast-evolving field of sales.

Following top sales influencers is an excellent strategy to tap into the wealth of knowledge that could redefine your approach to sales. These influencers are pioneers with the power to influence trends and drive innovation.

Dive into this article to discover who these game changers are and how their insights can catapult your sales career to new heights in 2024.

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The Role of Sales Influencers in Modern Selling

The role of sales influencers has transcended traditional boundaries. These professionals are not just experts in selling; they are pioneers who redefine the norms and practices of the sales industry.

By following top sales influencers, you tap into a reservoir of cutting-edge strategies that can dramatically shift how you approach your sales process.

Firstly, sales influencers serve as educators. They demystify complex sales concepts, making them accessible to everyone from novices to seasoned professionals.

Through blogs, podcasts, webinars, and social media, they provide a constant stream of actionable insights that you can apply directly to your daily interactions and long-term strategies.

Secondly, they are trendsetters. Staying updated with the latest technologies and methodologies is paramount in sales, and these influencers are often the first to explore and adopt new tools.

By keeping an eye on their recommendations and experiments, you can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that your methods are not only current but also effective.

Moreover, top sales influencers are community builders. They create spaces for sales professionals to connect, discuss, and grow together. Whether it’s through LinkedIn groups, online forums, or at conferences, they foster environments where peers can share experiences and support each other’s development.

This sense of community is invaluable as it not only broadens your professional network but also deepens your understanding of diverse sales landscapes.

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Featured Influencers and Why to Follow Them

As we continue to navigate the complex world of sales in 2024, here are some top sales influencers whose insights can not only inspire but also transform your sales strategy:

Belal Batrawy – Founder, Follow Belal for insights on turning skeptical prospects into customers without brand recognition. With 15 years in software sales, he offers courses and bootcamps at and is acclaimed by Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gartner, and Business Insider.
Donald C. Kelly – Founder, The Sales Evangelist Donald: An ex-tech sales star and author, teaches sales through his book “Sell It Like A Mango” and his podcast “The Sales Evangelist,” reaching listeners in 155 countries.
Elyse Archer – CEO, She Sells and Superhuman Selling: Elyse leads She Sells and Superhuman Selling, empowering sales professionals to elevate their sales and income. She’s a noted speaker and host of “She Sells Radio.”
Ian Koniak – CEO, Untap Your Sales Potential: Ian’s firm offers elite coaching to maximize sales potential. Previously a top sales executive at Salesforce, he has sold over $100M and shares his expertise through coaching and courses.
Jen Allen-Knuth – Founder, DemandJen: Jen’s DemandJen provides keynotes and workshops to challenge buyer inertia. A seasoned sales leader and podcast co-host, she’s driven significant revenue growth in various roles.
John Barrows – CEO, JB Sales: John’s firm is among the top three sales trainers recognized by G2. A LinkedIn Top Voice, he authored a children’s book on sales, donating profits to charity.
Rana Kordahi – Founder, The Selling Academy: Rana’s decade-long experience has revolutionized sales training, integrating change management to motivate sellers, earning her accolades from Yahoo Finance and the Australian Business Journal.
Anita Nielsen – President, LDK Advisory Services: Known as the “Sales Sensei,” Anita creates impactful sales enablement strategies and supports senior sales leaders to refine selling systems.
Hannah Ajikawo – Founder and CEO, Revenue Funnel: Hannah leads Revenue Funnel to optimize B2B sales processes and is active in women’s professional sales networks. She has significantly scaled revenue in EMEA for multiple firms.
Nick Cegelski – Founder, 30 Minutes to President’s Club: Nick leads a top sales podcast and has a solid background in ERP software sales. His insights are shared widely, helping sales professionals excel.
Peter Strohkorb – Founder, Peter Strohkorb Sales Advisory: With experience at global firms like Dell and Sony, Peter now helps companies adapt to new buyer demands with his Sales Acceleration Advisory services.
Richard Harris – Founder, The Harris Consulting Group: Richard offers in-depth sales training and coaching with clients like Salesforce and Zoom, and co-hosts the Surf and Sales podcast.
Scott Leese – Founder, Scott Leese Consulting and The Surf and Sales Summit: A multi-exit sales leader, Scott offers scalable sales strategies and has authored three books, contributing significantly to the sales community.
Armand Farrokh – VP of Sales, 30 Minutes to President’s Club: Armand has rapidly scaled sales teams and revenue, sharing his expertise through one of the most popular sales podcasts.
Daniel Disney – Founder, The Daily Sales: Daniel, the “King of Social,” engages over a million LinkedIn followers with his sales insights, significantly impacting B2B sales through social platforms.
Jason Bay – Founder and CEO, Outbound Squad: Jason’s consultancy enhances sales training and customer acquisition strategies, with clients including Zoom and Gong.
Larry Long Jr. – Founder and CEO, LLJR Enterprises: Larry motivates and trains sales professionals, hosts “The Cold Calling Podcast,” and is known for his dynamic approach to sales training.
Lori Richardson – CEO, Score More Sales and Women Sales Pros: Lori advocates for inclusivity in sales, offering coaching and insights to boost revenue growth, and is a celebrated speaker on sales strategies.
Marcus Chan – President, Venli Consulting Group: Marcus doubles win rates for sales managers within 90 days, leveraging his extensive corporate sales experience to provide expert guidance.
Dale Dupree – Founder, The Sales Rebellion: Dale’s innovative approach to sales training has propelled significant revenue growth, making The Sales Rebellion a key resource for sales professionals.
Dini Mehta – Operating Partner, Operator Collective: Dini drives major revenue growth for startups, leveraging her vast experience to scale businesses effectively and sustainably.
Lindsey Boggs – VP Sales Development & Enablement, Glassbox: Lindsey leads global sales teams, focusing on modern prospecting techniques and fostering mental health awareness through her nonprofit work.
Niraj Kapur – Managing Director, Everybody Works in Sales: Niraj delivers impactful sales and LinkedIn training, recognized as a Salesforce Influencer and a LinkedIn Top Voice in Sales.
Alexine Mudawar – CEO, Women in Sales: Alexine promotes women in sales, achieving recognition as a top sales influencer and supporting professional growth through leadership.
Ashley Zagst – Account Executive, Flosum: Ashley’s success in software sales at companies like and Chili Piper, combined with her leadership in diversity initiatives, showcases her expertise and commitment to advancing the field.
Cherilynn Castleman – Managing Partner, CGI: With extensive global sales experience, Cherilynn offers transformative coaching to enhance sales performance and promote diversity in the sales force.
Cynthia Barnes – Professional Speaker: Cynthia, a leader in sales transformation, is celebrated for her impact in diversity and empowerment, reaching top sales performance levels and influencing the sales community broadly.
Gary Vaynerchuk – Chairman, VaynerX; CEO, VaynerMedia: Follow Gary for a mix of entrepreneurship, sales, and motivational insights. His broad influence includes roles in multiple startups and ongoing contributions to sales and marketing.
Aaron Ross – Co-CEO, Predictable Revenue Aaron: An expert in outbound sales strategies, shares advanced techniques that have significantly boosted sales outcomes, making him a pivotal figure in sales innovation.
Noah Kagan – Founder, Noah provides valuable business and sales insights, leveraging his early experience at Facebook to guide startups and entrepreneurs through growth strategies.
Max Altschuler – Founder, Sales Hacker; VP of Marketing, Outreach: Max leads discussions on B2B sales innovation, sharing strategies that enhance sales processes and integrate new technologies effectively.
Dan Martell – Serial Entrepreneur; Business Coach: Dan shares extensive knowledge on business growth and sales strategies, helping startups navigate complex sales landscapes successfully.
Mark Roberge – Managing Director, Stage 2 Capital; Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School: Mark offers deep insights into using data and technology to scale sales efforts, drawing on his extensive experience and academic contributions.
Kelly Riggs – Founder, Business LockerRoom: Kelly focuses on strategic sales leadership and B2B sales innovations, sharing his expertise to enhance sales team performance.
Phil Gerbyshak – VP of Sales, Vector Solutions: Phil offers sales coaching that emphasizes the power of networking and social selling, helping sales teams close more deals effectively.
Koka Sexton – VP of Marketing, Betts Recruiting: Koka, a leader in social selling and B2B sales, shares cutting-edge strategies for lead generation and effective sales tactics.
Keenan – CEO, A Sales Guy Inc: Keenan’s innovative sales strategies, including Gap Selling, offer fresh perspectives on closing deals and driving sales success.
Jeff Haden – Bestselling Author: Jeff’s insights on sales strategies and motivation make him a valuable follow for those looking to enhance their sales skills and achieve high performance.
Jack Kosakowski – CEO, Creation Agency: Jack’s expertise in social selling transforms traditional sales approaches, offering new ways for sellers and buyers to connect successfully.
Ben Sardella – Co-founder, OutboundWorks; Advisor: Ben provides deep insights into SaaS sales, sharing his extensive experience to enhance sales strategies and performance.
Ken Krogue – Founder, Ken’s focus on inside sales and marketing strategies provides actionable insights for sales teams looking to improve their outreach and conversion rates.
Julio Viskovich – Founder, NextLevel Sales: Julio enhances sales through innovative social selling techniques, helping businesses leverage social media effectively to increase sales.
Janice Mars – Founder, SalesLatitude: Janice offers expert advice on optimizing sales processes to achieve predictable revenue, sharing her deep expertise to improve sales strategies.
Melonie Dodaro – CEO, Top Dog Social Media: Melonie’s leadership in digital transformation and social selling helps B2B sales teams enhance their strategies and achieve greater success.
Jill Konrath – Sales Strategist; Author: Jill’s extensive experience and innovative sales strategies provide valuable insights for sales teams looking to modernize their approaches and boost performance.
Anthony Iannarino – Sales Leader; Entrepreneur: Anthony shares advanced sales strategies and insights, helping sales teams navigate complex sales environments and achieve significant outcomes.
Jim Keenan – CEO, A Sales Guy Inc: Keenan’s bold insights and strategies in sales, particularly around Gap Selling, offer transformative perspectives for sales professionals.
Paul Castain – Vice-President, Rock Star Development, Castain Training Systems :Paul provides a wealth of sales training and insights, helping sales reps and teams enhance their skills and strategies effectively.
Jill Rowley – Advisor; Sales Expert: Jill’s expertise in social selling and sales trends provides valuable guidance for sales teams looking to leverage new strategies in a rapidly evolving market.
Lori Richardson – CEO, Score More Sales: Lori’s advocacy for women in sales and her strategic sales insights help organizations enhance their revenue growth and sales strategies.
Trish Bertuzzi – CEO, The Bridge Group, Inc: Trish offers in-depth knowledge on inside sales and strategies to optimize sales processes, helping companies achieve better sales results.
Jill Konrath – Sales Leader; Author Jill: is recognized for her deep sales expertise and strategic insights, helping sales teams apply modern techniques to improve their results.
Max Altschuler – Founder, Sales Hacker: Max’s leadership in integrating technology into sales strategies helps sales organizations enhance their efficiency and success in the modern sales environment.
Jeffrey Gitomer – Author; Speaker: Jeffrey’s comprehensive sales insights and strategies help sales professionals enhance their skills and adapt to new sales environments effectively.
Mark Hunter – Sales Expert; Author: Mark’s expertise in sales prospecting and strategies provides valuable tips and tactics for sales professionals looking to improve their performance.
Jeb Blount – Author; Speaker: Jeb’s insights into emotional intelligence in sales and prospecting strategies offer actionable advice for sales professionals looking to enhance their skills.
John Barrows – Founder and CEO, JBarrows Sales Training: John’s extensive sales training experience and insights provide valuable guidance for improving sales techniques and achieving professional growth.
Christina Brady – Sales Leader: Christina’s strategic and creative approach to sales leadership helps organizations drive growth and address gender inequalities in tech sales.
Kyle Coleman – Sales and Marketing Leader: Kyle’s passion for developing sales teams and optimizing processes provides practical advice for enhancing sales strategies and achieving success.
Becc Holland – CEO & Founder, Flip the Script: Becc’s expertise in improving sales messaging and workflows offers actionable strategies for sales professionals looking to increase their effectiveness.
Morgan J. Ingram – Sales Influencer: Morgan’s dynamic and motivational approach to sales coaching helps teams implement the latest sales techniques and boost their performance.
Larry Long Jr. – Sales Coach: Larry’s energetic and motivational sales training helps organizations develop their sales teams and achieve greater success through effective strategies.
Samantha McKenna – Sales Influencer: Sam’s leadership in sales training and her focus on empowering sales professionals provide valuable insights for enhancing sales strategies and success.
Ryan O’Hara – Sales Trainer: Ryan’s innovative approach to personalized prospecting and social selling helps sales teams refine their strategies and achieve better outcomes.
Michelle Pietsch – Sales Expert: Michelle’s expertise in scaling sales teams and building effective sales strategies provides essential guidance for startups looking to grow.
Josh Roth – Sales Development Expert: Josh’s extensive experience in sales development and his proven track record provide valuable lessons for sales professionals seeking to improve their skills.
Amy Volas – Sales Recruiter; Entrepreneur: Amy’s focus on improving sales recruiting practices helps startups find the right leaders to drive growth and success in competitive markets.

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Emerging Trends and Insights from Top Sales Influencers

As the sales landscape continues to evolve, staying abreast of emerging trends is crucial for anyone in the field. Here’s how top sales influencers are not only keeping pace but also shaping the future of sales:

Leveraging Technology: In an era where technology dictates dynamics, these influencers are at the forefront of integrating AI, machine learning, and CRM advancements into everyday sales processes. They provide practical advice on how to use these tools to streamline operations and enhance customer interactions. Following their lead helps demystify complex technologies and illustrates their practical applications in sales.
Emphasis on Personalization: One trend that consistently receives attention from top sales influencers is the shift towards hyper-personalized customer experiences. They advocate for using data-driven insights to tailor pitches and communications to individual prospects, thereby increasing engagement and conversion rates. This approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also boosts loyalty and referrals.
Building Sales Resilience: Today’s sales professionals need to be adaptable, learning how to pivot strategies quickly in response to market changes. Influencers highlight the importance of resilience, offering strategies to help sales teams remain agile and proactive. This includes embracing failure as a stepping stone to success and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
The Growth of Sales Enablement: Sales enablement has become a key focus area, with influencers emphasizing its importance in scaling effective sales teams. They share insights into creating comprehensive training programs, utilizing sales enablement tools, and aligning sales and marketing teams. This holistic approach ensures that every team member is equipped with the skills and tools necessary to succeed.
Ethical Selling and Transparency: With consumers increasingly valuing authenticity, top sales influencers are stressing the need for ethical selling practices and transparency. They teach how honesty and integrity in sales processes not only comply with consumer protection standards but also build trust and strengthen client relationships.

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The insights and trends shared by top sales influencers are invaluable for anyone looking to excel in the sales field. Their expertise helps demystify the latest technologies, introduces innovative selling techniques, and cultivates a robust sales culture.

By embracing their teachings, you can enhance your ability to adapt to the ever-changing sales environment, ensuring your long-term success and sustainability in the industry.

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