The Top 6 AI Email Generators You Need to Use in 2024

Managing emails can feel like battling the mythical hydra—cut one head off, and two more sprout in its place. Imagine if there was an AI akin to Hercules, specifically designed to conquer your email woes. The realm of AI email generators has seen significant evolution since its inception.

Gone are the days of simple draft generators; the current landscape offers robust solutions for crafting emails, refining communication, sifting through conversations, and swiftly dealing with unwanted mail. This marks a substantial leap from the initial offerings that merely scratched the surface of potential AI applications in email management.

After dedicating two weeks to in-depth research and hands-on testing, I’ve curated a list of standout AI email generators, spotlighting emerging gems and providing insights into crafting AI-enhanced email workflows. Whether you’re looking to streamline bulk email tasks, leverage AI for smarter email search, enhance communication within Outlook, blend AI creativity with templated responses, keep your inbox meticulously organized, or effortlessly compile contact information and tasks, this guide illuminates the path to choosing your digital Hercules.

Revolutionizing Email with AI

AI’s prowess in understanding and generating human-like language has opened new frontiers in email management. Although it’s not yet ready to take the helm unsupervised, AI’s ability to interpret language and make preliminary decisions presents a golden opportunity to augment your email strategies. But what does this mean in the context of AI-powered email applications? Let’s delve into the key AI functionalities that can transform your inbox management experience.

Harnessing Generative AI for Email Excellence

At the heart of AI email innovation lies generative AI, predominantly utilized for composing emails. From initiating messages based on prompts to crafting responses reflective of the original message’s tone, generative AI elevates the email writing process. Beyond drafting, it offers spell-check, rewriting assistance, quick reply options, and even one-click pre-generated responses, significantly enhancing efficiency and coherence in communication.

Intelligent Processing of Email Content

AI’s ability to comprehend human language enables it to perform detailed analyses of email content. Whether it’s conducting sentiment analysis to gauge the sender’s mood, categorizing emails based on their subject matter for better organization, or summarizing conversations for easier reference, AI-powered tools can provide invaluable insights and streamline email management.

The Power of Data Extraction and Enrichment

AI extends its utility to detecting and extracting specific data types within emails, facilitating seamless integration with CRM systems, accounting software, and project management tools. Moreover, data enrichment capabilities allow AI to provide contextual insights into ongoing conversations by leveraging historical email data and external databases, enhancing the relevance and depth of your interactions.

Customizing AI for Personalized Email Responses

The possibility to train AI models with your data offers a personalized approach to email management. Whether through hiring a developer to fine-tune a model for you or utilizing platforms like Personal AI to create a model based on your knowledge and style, this customization can revolutionize how you handle emails and generate content.

Integrating AI Features for a Unified Email Strategy

By combining these AI functionalities, you can devise a comprehensive strategy that reads, analyzes, and prepares responses to your emails, prioritizes them, and awaits your final approval before sending. This integrative approach not only saves time but also ensures that each communication is handled with the appropriate level of care and personalization.

However, it’s important to note that achieving a sophisticated workflow akin to the example provided requires a willingness to experiment and possibly the use of additional automation tools. While the apps listed in this guide offer a solid foundation, the journey to a fully optimized AI-powered email system might require further exploration and customization.

Selecting the Best AI Email Generator in 2024

Navigating the labyrinth of email management can often feel like a Herculean task, demanding a modern solution steeped in AI technology. As we delve into the world of AI email generators, it’s imperative to understand the meticulous process behind identifying software that doesn’t just meet the mark but sets new standards. Our explorations and evaluations are rooted in extensive firsthand experience and unwavering dedication to authenticity. Our commitment to unbiased reviews ensures that our recommendations are never influenced by external incentives, aligning with our readers’ trust in our insights.

Crafting the Ideal AI Email

As we sifted through the myriad of AI email generators, our focus extended beyond the basic functionalities of generative AI. We sought software that offered a seamless integration experience with popular email platforms, robust inbox management capabilities distinct from sales-focused or customer service tools, and a suite of advanced AI features designed to elevate your email game.

Integration and User-Friendliness

The paramount criterion was the ease of integration with prevalent email services, ensuring a hassle-free setup process that caters to both personal and professional email management needs.

Comprehensive Inbox Management

Our search was tailored towards apps that promise an organized and efficient inbox, sidestepping solutions primarily geared towards sales outreach or customer support, to showcase how AI can revolutionize the typical email experience.

Advanced AI Capabilities

The spotlight was on finding software that ventures beyond simple text generation, incorporating advanced AI functions like sentiment analysis, intent detection, and automatic categorization, thereby enriching the user’s email interaction.

Enhancing Productivity and Ensuring Data Privacy

In our quest, we valued applications that not only leverage AI but also incorporate additional features to foster productivity and swift inbox clearance. Simultaneously, the security of your personal data was a critical factor, with a thorough examination of each app’s privacy policy to guarantee your information’s safety.

The Rigorous Journey to Discovery

Embarking on a two-week intensive research journey, we meticulously tested various AI email generators, weeding out those merely dabbling in generative AI within composition windows. Our hands-on approach involved setting up each platform, engaging in email exchanges, tweaking settings, and assessing the AI’s performance, ultimately curating a list of apps that truly stand out.

Top AI Email Generators in 2024

We have listed only 6 AI email generators. There could be more in the market:

Bigly Sales

Bigly Sales equips you with a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline every aspect of sales management, from dispatching initial cold emails to handling post-sale services. Its AI-driven capabilities enable businesses to dispatch personalized emails on a large scale, ensuring each communication feels individualized.

Beyond serving as a powerful sales aid, Bigly Sales can also function as an alternative to conventional in-house communication systems. This tool consolidates all sales-related functionalities into a single, user-friendly platform, simplifying the sales process remarkably.


Send bulk emails
Send personalized emails


Limited free plan


Shortwave emerges as the frontrunner, distinguished by its unparalleled range of AI functionalities. It introduces a novel AI-powered email search, allowing users to unearth forgotten conversations or extract vital information from threads effortlessly. Its integration with Google Calendar further enhances its utility, enabling users to schedule events using natural language inputs.


Deep Google Calendar integration
Highly flexible AI assistant


Interface can appear cluttered at times

Microsoft Copilot Pro for Outlook

Microsoft Copilot Pro for Outlook stands out for its ability to refine communication through AI. With features like email drafting, conversation summarization, and tone analysis, it ensures your messages are clear, coherent, and impactful.


Incorporates GPT-4
Enriches other Office applications with AI


Limited to Microsoft email domains


Superhuman offers a unique blend of AI generation and templated messages, catering to users seeking both the efficiency of AI and the precision of crafted messages. Its keyboard-centric design and snippet feature streamline the email composition process, making it a standout choice for power users.


Efficient inbox organization by topics
Extensive keyboard shortcuts


Fewer AI features compared to alternatives


SaneBox distinguishes itself with its background operation, automatically sorting your emails into categories and prioritizing important messages. Its set-it-and-forget-it approach ensures your inbox remains organized with minimal intervention.


Automated sorting into relevant folders
Intuitive setup process


Dated interface


Mailbutler distinguishes itself with its profound integration of generative AI, streamlining not just your email composition but also enhancing your contact and task management processes. Compatible with Gmail, Apple Mail, and Outlook, it operates seamlessly within your preferred email client, enriching your inbox with a multifunctional sidebar for quick access to contacts, tasks, and more.

Data extraction from email signatures is a standout feature, allowing you to capture essential contact details effortlessly. Task detection within email bodies further elevates Mailbutler’s utility, enabling you to organize and prioritize without manual data entry, thanks to its integration with leading task management apps.

Beyond these functionalities, Mailbutler’s AI suite impresses with features like Smart Compose, Smart Respond, Smart Summarize, and Smart Improve, ensuring your communications are not only efficient but also polished and professional.

Embracing AI for Inbox Zen

The quest for inbox zero might seem elusive, but with AI email generators, it’s more achievable than ever. These tools not only automate mundane tasks but also ensure that your email interactions are meaningful and manageable.

As the technology advances, keeping an eye on up-and-coming solutions will be key to staying ahead in the email management game, allowing you to embrace the true potential of AI in mastering your digital correspondence.

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