The Best AI Stocks Under $10

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the stock market, and savvy investors are on the lookout for promising AI stocks, especially those under $10. Let’s explore some of these under-the-radar AI stocks that could potentially add a futuristic edge to your portfolio.

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The Best AI Stocks Under $10

1. Nio Inc (NIO) – Electric Vehicles: Nio, a Chinese manufacturer, is making waves with its smart electric vehicles. Known for sports cars, SUVs, and sedans, Nio is working on an autonomous station wagon named Eve. With a market cap over $19 billion, it’s a top pick with an upside of more than 16%.

2. FiscalNote Holdings Inc (NOTE) – Business Services: This tech firm aids Fortune 100 companies and government agencies with AI, machine learning, and analytics. It’s favored by analysts, and both insiders and institutions are investing in it.

3. SoundHound AI Inc (SOUN) – Software: Specializing in voice-enabled AI products, SoundHound’s Houndify system is noteworthy. The firm has attracted significant investment and shows promising growth potential.

4. Nerdy Inc (NRDY) – Education Services: Nerdy uses AI to connect learners and educators online, offering over 3000 lesson subjects. It’s gaining attention, with analysts raising price targets and institutions buying shares.

5. Rekor Systems Inc (REKR) – Software: Focused on transportation and public safety, Rekor’s AI technology is gaining traction, especially among large municipalities.

6. Lantronix Inc (LTRX) – Computer Equipment: Lantronix provides AI-powered solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), serving a diverse clientele from data centers to server rooms.

7. AudioEye Inc (AEYE) – Software: AudioEye’s AI technology helps make digital content accessible for people with disabilities. It has strong analyst ratings and a significant upside potential.

8. Lantern Pharma (LTRN) – Pharmaceuticals: Though small, Lantern Pharma is making strides in cancer treatment using AI and machine learning. It’s a high-risk, high-reward stock with a solid buy rating.

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Investing in AI stocks can be an exciting venture, but it’s not without its risks. Smaller companies often face the threat of being overshadowed by tech giants like NVIDIA and Microsoft. It’s crucial to research thoroughly and understand the volatility of these AI stocks. Remember, a lower stock price doesn’t always guarantee a lucrative investment. Be prepared to act swiftly if you spot any warning signs.

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