How to Write SMS Copies with Generative AI in 2024

Do you know how to write SMS copies in seconds? We are going to help you in this blog post.

SMS marketing is widely used to bring more leads and offer instant customer experience. Its ability to forge direct connections with audiences is unparalleled, with a staggering 90% of SMS messages being opened within just three minutes of receipt. This statistic alone highlights the critical role of a robust SMS marketing strategy in achieving successful engagement with customers.

For businesses at every stage, from startups aiming to widen their reach to established brands keen on cementing customer loyalty, mass SMS marketing offers a flexible and potent channel for customer interaction:

E-commerce entities benefit by dispatching personalized updates about orders and exclusive promotions directly to their customers’ phones.
Local businesses harness the power of geo-targeted messaging to surge foot traffic.
Healthcare providers find value in sending appointment reminders and essential health tips via SMS.

Despite these advantages, customizing SMS messages to cater to diverse customer profiles can present a formidable challenge. This is where the transformative power of generative AI steps in, enabling the creation of personalized and compelling

SMS content in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take. Generative AI’s ability to analyze customer data and preferences means messages can be tailored to resonate deeply with each recipient.

In this exploration, we’ll dive into the generative AI tools that are reshaping how we write SMS copy, outline the compelling reasons for adopting AI-driven content creation, and provide a primer on crafting effective AI prompts that will supercharge your next SMS marketing campaign.

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Using Generative AI to Write SMS Copies

At its essence, generative AI refers to algorithms that learn from vast datasets to replicate and generate new content that reflects the learned patterns and styles. This involves training models on extensive collections of data, which then gain the ability to grasp context, nuances of language, and even creative elements. With its application extending across text, imagery, and music, generative AI is revolutionizing SMS copywriting by acting as a prolific writing assistant.

With a solid understanding of what generative AI is and its potential to fast-track your SMS copywriting efforts, let’s explore some top generative AI tools and the distinct advantages they offer for content creation.

Top Generative AI Writing Tools

ChatGPT: OpenAI’s ChatGPT shines as a conversational model, adept at generating text that’s both coherent and engaging. Its foundation on a diverse array of sources ensures that it can handle a wide range of prompts, from answering questions to creative writing, making it an ideal choice for SMS marketing content.
Writer: Tailored for business use, Writer offers a unique proposition with its customizable API that allows businesses to define brand guidelines and tailor the language model to their specific needs. Its capabilities extend to detecting and suggesting alternatives to non-inclusive language, thus ensuring content remains sensitive and appropriate.
Jasper: Specializing in both text and image content creation, Jasper’s suite of tools, including the Everywhere extension, empowers users to craft compelling content across various digital platforms. The ability to train Jasper on your brand’s voice and style ensures consistency across all marketing materials.

The Strategic Advantage of Generative AI in Content Creation

Time and Cost Efficiency: Generative AI tools dramatically reduce the time and effort required for content creation, translating into cost savings and increased productivity for businesses.
Creative Possibilities: By generating unique content that might not be immediately obvious to human creators, AI tools expand the creative horizon, offering new perspectives and styles.
Personalization at Scale: With the ability to analyze and interpret consumer data, generative AI facilitates the creation of highly personalized content that speaks directly to the individual preferences and interests of each recipient.

Mastering AI Prompts for Stellar SMS Marketing Campaigns

Unlocking the full potential of your SMS marketing efforts hinges on your ability to craft precise, compelling AI prompts. This skill is not just about telling the AI what to write; it’s about guiding it to produce content that aligns perfectly with your marketing objectives, resonates with your audience, and adheres to your brand voice. Here’s how to fine-tune your approach to generating AI prompts that will elevate your SMS marketing campaigns.

Clarify Your Campaign Objectives Begin by crystallizing what your SMS campaign seeks to achieve. Whether you’re aiming to drive sales with a time-sensitive offer, increase attendance at an event, or enhance customer loyalty through personalized engagement, your objective will dictate the direction of your AI-generated content.
Design Your Prompts with Precision The effectiveness of generative AI is directly proportional to the quality of the prompts you provide. This step, known as prompt engineering, involves specifying the role, task, context, format, and any constraints you want the AI to consider.

Role: Define the AI’s role (e.g., a marketing expert specializing in SMS campaigns).
Task: Detail what you need the AI to create (e.g., three compelling text messages promoting a holiday sale).
Context: Offer context to shape the content (e.g., the sale features up to 50% off on select items and ends this weekend).
Format: Specify the desired format (e.g., a concise, engaging text message).
Constraints: List any specific requirements (e.g., a 160-character limit).

Experiment and Refine With your initial prompt crafted, it’s time to test it out and refine based on the outcomes. This iterative process allows you to adjust the prompt for clarity, specificity, and alignment with your campaign goals. The more detailed and targeted your prompt, the more personalized and effective the AI-generated SMS content will be.
Iterative Optimization Effective SMS marketing is dynamic, requiring continuous optimization based on performance data and customer feedback. Use insights from your campaigns to refine your prompts, ensuring that each iteration is more targeted and effective than the last. This process of iterative optimization is key to leveraging generative AI effectively in your SMS marketing strategy.

Best Practices to Write SMS Copies with Generative AI

To ensure your SMS campaigns deliver maximum impact, adhere to these best practices to write SMS copies with generative AI:

Ensure Clarity and Concision SMS messages are inherently brief, making clarity and concision paramount. Review AI-generated content to ensure it communicates your message effectively within the character limit, making every word count.
Maintain Brand Consistency Your SMS messages should reflect your brand’s voice and tone consistently. Use AI to generate content that aligns with your brand identity, making adjustments as necessary to maintain a cohesive brand experience across all touchpoints.
Personalize Content Take advantage of generative AI’s capability to produce highly personalized content. Tailor your messages to address individual preferences, behaviors, and demographics, enhancing engagement and building stronger customer relationships.
Iterate Based on Feedback Use A/B testing and gather customer feedback to refine your SMS content continually. This feedback loop enables you to hone your messages, making them more compelling and effective over time.

Future of SMS Marketing with Generative AI

The advent of generative AI is transforming SMS marketing, offering unprecedented opportunities for personalization, efficiency, and creativity. By integrating AI-driven content creation into your marketing strategy, you can craft messages that not only engage and resonate with your audience but also drive meaningful business results.

As we move forward, the key to success in this AI-enhanced marketing landscape will be finding the right balance between automation and human insight. While AI can generate compelling content at scale, human oversight ensures that messages remain relevant, personalized, and true to your brand.

By leveraging the strengths of both AI and human creativity, you can create SMS marketing campaigns that are not only efficient but also deeply impactful.


By mastering AI prompts to write SMS copies, adhering to best practices, and maintaining a balance between AI capabilities and human insight, businesses can harness the power of AI to enrich their SMS marketing efforts, driving engagement, loyalty, and growth in an increasingly digital world.

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