How to Make More Sales with AI – A Deep Discussion with Tom Ryan

Are you navigating the tricky waters of sales and entrepreneurship, wondering if selling and money have to feel like “dirty words” in your business journey? You’re not alone.

Join us as Steve Kidd, a seasoned entrepreneur and host of Thriving Entrepreneur, demystifies these concepts with a refreshing perspective. In this insightful piece, we delve into the essence of sales, the transformative power of money, and how embracing both can lead you to thrive in your entrepreneurial ventures.

Discover the real meaning behind sales and why it’s all about meeting needs and empowering others, not the pushy tactics often associated with it.

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Embracing Sales

Steve Kidd, with his rich background as a third-generation minister, international best-selling author, and business coach, sheds light on a topic that many entrepreneurs shy away from: sales. With a career that began in sales at the tender age of five, Steve brings a unique and passionate perspective to the table, illustrating that sales, at its core, is about listening, understanding, and fulfilling the needs of others.

The True Essence of Selling: Discover how selling is not about trickery or pressure but about offering solutions and conveniences that genuinely improve people’s lives.
Money as a Tool for Empowerment: Learn how money, rather than being a source of evil, can actually enable us to be more of who we are, offering opportunities to enhance both our lives and those of others.

Leveraging AI in Sales

The conversation takes an exciting turn with guest Thomas Ryan, CEO of Bigly Sales, who dives into the revolutionary role of AI in transforming sales processes. From autoresponders to personalized messaging, AI is reshaping how businesses connect with their audience, promising efficiency and personalization at scale.

AI-Driven Sales Automation: Explore how AI can automate messaging, create personalized emails, and even handle initial customer interactions, setting the stage for more meaningful human engagement.
The Human Element in AI: Despite advancements, AI is about enhancing human interaction, not replacing it. Thomas Ryan reassures listeners that AI, at its current stage, is an advanced tool designed to assist rather than dominate.


The narrative further enriches with insights from Nolan Bradbury, an accountant with a mission to demystify finance for entrepreneurs. He emphasizes the importance of a healthy relationship with accounting and how it can be a pivotal factor in achieving both business and personal growth.

Accounting for Entrepreneurs: Nolan discusses the common pitfalls in how entrepreneurs approach accounting and offers strategies to embrace it as a critical tool for informed decision-making.
Financial Literacy as a Foundation for Growth: Understanding the balance sheet and beyond is crucial. It’s not just about profits but knowing where your business stands at every moment.

The Bottom Line

Steve Kidd wraps up the conversation with a powerful message: selling and money are not adversaries but essential allies in the journey of entrepreneurship. By embracing these aspects with the right mindset and tools, entrepreneurs can pave the way for success and fulfillment.

Join us on this enlightening journey with Thriving Entrepreneur, as we explore the intersections of sales, money, and the transformative potential of AI in business. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or just starting out, this discussion offers valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the complex world of business with confidence and purpose.

Listen the full podcast and learn how AI is changing the way businesses operate:

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