How to Extract an Email Address from LinkedIn

Are you wondering how to extract an email address through LinkedIn? It isn’t as bumpy as you might have thought!.

Today, professional networking has largely shifted to the online sphere. Among the myriad of social networking platforms, LinkedIn stands out as a pivotal tool, enabling professionals globally to forge connections effortlessly.

Yet, embarking on the quest to find an email address via LinkedIn can sometimes turn into a challenging endeavor. This is particularly true as accessing someone’s email requires you to be directly connected to them on the platform.

This guide aims to navigate you through the intricacies of manually gathering email addresses from LinkedIn and introduces you to third-party tools that can simplify this process.

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Manual Extraction of Emails from LinkedIn

The feasibility of obtaining someone’s email address from LinkedIn is predominantly dictated by their privacy preferences. It’s common to find professionals who opt to publicly display their business email, while others choose to shield it from public view to fend off unwanted emails.

Securing Email Addresses from a Connection

The success of this approach hinges on your level of connection with the individual on LinkedIn—typically, a first or second connection, contingent upon the person’s privacy settings. Here’s how you go about it:

Navigate to the profile of the person on LinkedIn.
Hit the “More” button adjacent to the Message/Follow button.
Select “Save to PDF” to download the profile information.

Based on the individual’s privacy settings, the downloaded PDF should list their email address alongside their LinkedIn profile link. An alternative shortcut involves clicking on “Contact Info” before downloading the PDF, which might bypass a step if the person has more lenient privacy settings.

Downloading Your LinkedIn Connection List

LinkedIn provides a feature that allows you to download a comprehensive data set from the platform, encompassing conversations, connection details, and a snapshot of your profile, which is invaluable for archival purposes.

Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage and click on your profile icon.
Select “Manage privacy and settings” to access the settings page.
From the left sidebar, choose “Data Privacy.”
Under “How LinkedIn uses your data,” opt for “Get a copy of your data.”
Since our primary interest is in the connections’ data, uncheck all other options and select “Connections.”

You’ll shortly receive an email from LinkedIn with instructions to download your requested data, including a connections.csv file accessible via any spreadsheet application like Excel or Google Sheets.

What If Email Addresses Are Missing in LinkedIn’s Data?

It’s not uncommon to discover that many LinkedIn users restrict their email addresses from being included in this downloadable data. Manually retrieving each contact’s data often yields a higher success rate in obtaining email addresses.

This scenario underscores the utility of third-party email finding tools.

Leveraging an Email Finder Tool

Email finder tools offer an alternative pathway to extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles by scouring publicly available data.

Hunter: Although Hunter can no longer directly integrate with LinkedIn due to policy restrictions, it excels at fetching email addresses using a person’s full name and company name. Inputting this information into Hunter’s Email Finder should facilitate the process.
Anymail Finder: Similar to Hunter, Anymail Finder facilitates email searches using a person’s name and their company. Additionally, it features a browser extension for LinkedIn, although its performance may not match the efficiency of manual extraction, as our tests revealed it sometimes fails to find available email addresses.

While LinkedIn serves as a potent networking tool, extracting email addresses necessitates a blend of direct connections, manual strategies, and the strategic use of third-party tools to achieve success.


Is it possible to find someone’s email address on LinkedIn without being connected?

Directly, no. LinkedIn’s privacy settings generally restrict access to email addresses to connected users. However, using third-party email finder tools like Hunter or Anymail finder can sometimes bypass this limitation by searching publicly available data.

How can I see someone’s email address if we are connected?

If you are connected, navigate to the person’s profile, click the “More” button next to the Message/Follow button, and select “Save to PDF” or “Contact Info.” Their email address may be listed there, depending on their privacy settings.

Are third-party email finder tools reliable?

Yes, many third-party email finder tools are reliable and efficient in finding email addresses by searching publicly available data. However, their effectiveness can vary based on the specifics of each case and the data available online.

What should I do if the email address isn’t listed in the downloaded PDF or CSV file?

If an email address isn’t listed, it likely means the user has opted to keep their email private. In such cases, consider reaching out through LinkedIn messaging or use an email finder tool to attempt locating their email address through other means.

Is downloading all my LinkedIn connections’ data a violation of privacy?

No, downloading your connections’ data from LinkedIn for personal use is a feature provided by LinkedIn itself. However, it’s important to respect privacy laws and regulations when using or sharing this data.

How long does it take to receive the data after requesting a download from LinkedIn?

The time can vary, but LinkedIn typically sends an email with instructions on how to download your data within minutes to a few hours after the request.

Can I use LinkedIn’s downloaded data for marketing purposes?

While you can use the data for networking and personal use, employing it for unsolicited marketing can breach both LinkedIn’s terms of service and privacy laws. Always ensure compliance with relevant regulations and best practices when using personal data.

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