How Bigly Sales Helps Businesses Grow with AI Solutions in 2024

Businesses today are increasingly turning to AI to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and boost sales. Bigly Sales helps businesses like you get on feet and grow with AI solutions.

This blog post explores some of the best capabilities of Bigly Sales, its core services, advanced AI features, benefits, and the future trajectory of AI in business.

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Who we are?

Founded in 2020 by Thomas (Tom) Ryan, Bigly Sales was conceived to fill a crucial gap in the market: providing affordable, user-friendly AI solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company’s mission is to democratize AI technology, making it accessible and beneficial for SMEs striving to compete in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Key Highlights:

Year Founded: 2020
Founder: Thomas (Tom) Ryan
Mission: Democratize AI for businesses
Headquarters: Florida, USA

Bigly Sales positions itself as the backbone of modern business operations, integrating AI to automate and enhance various aspects of sales and customer support.

How do we Help Businesses Grow with AI Solutions?

Here are our core services; no different than what you require:

AI Call Center

One of the flagship offerings of Bigly Sales is its AI call center. This service uses advanced AI algorithms to manage and optimize customer interactions, significantly reducing the need for traditional call center infrastructure. The AI Call Center handles inbound and outbound calls, performs lead qualification, provides customer support, and can even close sales autonomously.


Automated Call Handling: AI-driven management of customer calls, reducing human intervention.
24/7 Availability: Continuous operation without downtime.
Personalized Customer Interactions: Tailored responses based on customer data and behavior.

AI Auto Responder

The AI Auto Responder is designed to engage potential leads instantly through SMS and email. Utilizing natural language processing (NLP), it crafts responses that are contextually appropriate, ensuring effective communication and higher engagement rates.


Instant Engagement: Immediate response to inquiries.
Customizable Templates: Pre-defined messaging tailored to specific scenarios.
Real-Time Analytics: Monitoring and optimizing engagement strategies.

AI Lead Qualification

Bigly Sales’ AI Lead Qualification system evaluates leads in real-time, ensuring that only high-quality prospects are pursued. This system uses machine learning to analyze lead data, score their potential, and recommend follow-up actions.

Key Capabilities:

Real-Time Scoring: Immediate evaluation of lead quality.
Automated Recommendations: Suggestions for optimal follow-up.
Data-Driven Decisions: Enhanced decision-making based on analytics.

Multi-Channel Integration

Bigly Sales excels in integrating AI capabilities across various communication channels, including voice, SMS, and email. This multi-channel approach ensures that businesses can maintain consistent and effective communication with their customers, regardless of the platform.

Integration Benefits:

Social Media Integration: Seamless connectivity with Facebook and Instagram leads.
Email Synchronization: Integration with Outlook for streamlined email management.
App Connectivity: Extensive app integration via Zapier for customized workflows.

AI-Powered Landing Pages

Bigly Sales’ AI-powered landing page generator creates dynamic, conversion-optimized landing pages. By analyzing visitor behavior and preferences, the AI adjusts the content and layout to maximize engagement and conversion rates.

Key Advantages:

Rapid Generation: Quickly create personalized landing pages.
Behavioral Insights: Adjust content based on visitor interactions.
Enhanced Conversion: Increased likelihood of converting visitors into customers.

AI Customer Support

Bigly Sales offers AI-driven customer support solutions that automate responses to common queries, handle Level 1 support issues, and provide real-time answers via chatbots, SMS, and voice.

Support Capabilities:

Automated Responses: Instant answers to frequently asked questions.
24/7 Support: Round-the-clock availability.
Multi-Channel Support: Consistent service across voice, SMS, and chat.

Benefits of Bigly Sales Solutions

Want to grow with AI solutions? Here are a few benefits you will get from our services:

Cost Efficiency

Implementing Bigly Sales solutions leads to significant cost reductions. By automating call handling, lead management, and customer support, businesses can lower labor costs and minimize manual errors. This results in increased operational efficiency and reduced overheads.

Cost Savings:

Reduced Call Center Costs: Up to 90% reduction in traditional call center expenses.
Lower Lead Management Costs: Automation reduces the need for extensive sales teams.
Decreased Overheads: Fewer manual processes result in cost savings.

Enhanced Lead Management

The AI-driven lead management system of Bigly Sales ensures that businesses can effectively qualify and nurture leads. By scoring leads in real-time and automating follow-up actions, the system improves lead conversion rates and overall sales performance.

Lead Management Highlights:

Real-Time Evaluation: Immediate scoring and qualification of leads.
Automated Follow-Up: Continuous engagement until conversion.
Personalized Interactions: Tailored communication based on lead data.

Scalability and Flexibility

Bigly Sales solutions are designed to grow with businesses. The scalable AI systems can handle increased volumes of data and customer interactions, adapting to new market conditions without requiring significant additional investment.

Scalability Features:

Handling Growth: Efficiently manage larger datasets and more interactions.
Market Adaptation: Flexibility to adapt to changing business needs.
Continuous Improvement: Regular updates and enhancements based on user feedback.

Customization and Integration

How to customize and integrate Bigly Sales:

Tailored AI Solutions

Bigly Sales provides highly customizable AI tools that can be adapted to the specific needs of any business. This flexibility allows businesses to configure AI behaviors, responses, and workflows to align with their unique operational requirements.

Customization Options:

Flexible Configurations: Adjust AI settings to meet business goals.
Industry-Specific Adaptations: Tailor solutions to various sectors.
Personalized AI Interactions: Configure AI to reflect brand voice and messaging.

Seamless Integration

Bigly Sales integrates effortlessly with existing CRM systems, business tools, and communication platforms. This ensures that businesses can leverage their current infrastructure while enhancing it with advanced AI capabilities.

Integration Highlights:

CRM Compatibility: Integration with popular CRM platforms for seamless data management.
API and Zapier: Customizable workflows through API connectivity and Zapier integration.
Real-Time Synchronization: Immediate data updates across integrated systems.

What we See Ahead?

Future is very bright. We see a future that’s:

Innovative Developments

Bigly Sales is committed to continuous innovation, with plans to introduce new AI features and enhancements. These developments aim to further streamline business processes, improve customer engagement, and provide even greater value to clients.

Future Goals:

Advanced AI Analytics: Development of tools for deeper insights and data-driven decision-making.
Expanded Multi-Channel Capabilities: Enhancements to handle more communication channels effectively.
New AI-Driven Strategies: Introduction of novel AI applications for sales and marketing.

Supporting Small Businesses

Bigly Sales remains dedicated to supporting SMEs by providing affordable, effective AI solutions. The company’s future initiatives will focus on empowering small businesses to compete and succeed in an increasingly digital landscape.

Commitment to SMEs:

Affordable Solutions: Continuously offering cost-effective AI tools.
Empowerment: Providing resources and support to help SMEs thrive.
Innovation: Ongoing development to meet the evolving needs of small businesses.

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We at Bigly Sales really work to help businesses grow with AI solutions. By offering advanced tools for sales automation, customer support, and lead management, Bigly Sales helps businesses achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer interactions. As the future of business continues to evolve, Bigly Sales remains at the forefront, providing the AI-driven solutions that businesses need to thrive.

To explore the transformative power of Bigly Sales’ AI solutions, visit Bigly Sales and schedule a live demo today. Experience firsthand how AI can revolutionize your business operations and drive your success in the digital age.

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