Case Study: Overcoming Sales Shortfall of 23% with Bigly Sales

This case study delves into the journey of a medium-sized retail business that catapulted its sales performance beyond expectations by leveraging Bigly Sales, a cutting-edge integrated communication platform developed by a Miami-based SaaS startup.

This narrative not only highlights the transformative potential of integrating sophisticated communication tools but also serves as a beacon for similar businesses grappling with sales and operational challenges.


In an era where digital communication is paramount, Bigly Sales emerged as a revolutionary force, redefining the landscape of customer relationship management and marketing communication. This case study focuses on a retail client’s success story, illustrating the profound impact of Bigly Sales’ integrated communication platform on their sales performance.

Background: The Challenge

The retail sector is notoriously competitive, requiring businesses to continually evolve their strategies to meet sales targets. The client in question was no exception, struggling to bridge a significant gap in their sales goals, with a shortfall of 23%. This challenge was compounded by the logistical nightmares of managing disparate communication channels, which not only inflated costs but also complicated effective customer engagement and marketing efforts.

Bigly Sales: The Solution

Addressing this multifaceted dilemma, Bigly Sales offered a comprehensive solution by integrating essential communication services—VOIP, texts, emails, scheduling, tasks, reporting, and CRM—into a singular, cohesive platform.

This innovation was not just about simplification; it was a strategic overhaul, enabling the capture and centralization of all marketing communications, a feature conspicuously absent in conventional CRM systems.

Moreover, the automation of routine tasks, a hallmark of the Bigly Sales platform, significantly alleviated the operational load, paving the way for cost efficiency and streamlined processes.

Implementation and Results

The implementation of Bigly Sales’ platform was a turning point for the client. It redefined their approach to communication and sales strategies, allowing for a seamless integration of various channels and the automation of mundane tasks.

This newfound efficiency and coherence in operations led to a notable surge in sales performance within months, surpassing not just the initial targets but setting new benchmarks for success and efficiency in sales.


This case study underscores the transformative potential of Bigly Sales’ integrated communication platform for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the retail sector and beyond.

By addressing critical challenges in communication and operational efficiency, Bigly Sales has proven its ability to dramatically enhance sales performance with minimal effort and reduced costs.

Future Implications

The success story of Bigly Sales’ client is more than just an isolated triumph; it signals a broader trend towards the adoption of integrated CRM systems among SMEs.

With countless businesses yet to tap into the benefits of such platforms, the potential for Bigly Sales and similar solutions to redefine the SaaS industry is immense.

As these technologies continue to evolve, they promise to drive significant growth and innovation in the realm of integrated communication platforms, setting new standards for operational efficiency and customer engagement in the digital age.

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