AI for Realtors: 10 AI Tools for Real Estate Agents

Have you ever considered what if there was an AI for realtors? Well, that’s not a futuristic thought. It is happening. The real estate landscape is undergoing rapid transformation thanks to the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This powerful technology is equipping realtors with a suite of tools designed to enhance their operations and provide superior client services.

This article delves into several essential AI tools, each tailored specifically for real estate professionals, grouped into three critical categories: text generation, image generation, and analytics. We will explore the functionality of these tools and evaluate their effectiveness in streamlining real estate practices.

Top AI for Realtors

These AI tools aren’t only for realtors. Anyone could use it:

1. Bigly Sales

Cost: Paid
Type: Business AI tool to boost sales and customer support

Bigly Sales is designed especially for small businesses with limited sources. This AI tool helps business owners generate AI email copies and SMS messages so they may help make more leads and stay focused while saving business cost. Realtors can use Bigly Sales for:

Writing sales emails
Generating automated responses when away
Generate landing pages and page copies
Schedule meetings
Run automated marketing campaigns

Bigly Sales is easy to use. It only requires a demo for you to begin using the tool. You may also reach out their real customer services team.

2. Epique

Cost: Complimentary
Type: 12-tool AI content generation suite

Epique stands out as a top choice for real estate agents. Described by its creators as a platform powered by artificial intelligence for the modern broker, it offers a robust array of tools that handle various content creation needs, including:

Biographies for realtors
Blogging for real estate
Automated image captioning
Email campaign tools
Newsletter creation
AI-crafted property descriptions
Social media content
Lead generation tools
Legal advisory for state-specific regulations
Brokerage tips

We have found that Epique’s text generation capabilities are truly impressive. The platform’s 12-Touches Email Campaign AI is particularly noteworthy, as it can tailor content based on word count, tone, and frequency, making it a valuable asset for maintaining brand consistency.

Its user-friendly chat interface provides guidance through strategic questioning about campaign specifics, which is especially beneficial for those new to AI-driven content tools.

3. Write.Homes

Cost: Free for the first 1000 words, $8/month for the Starter plan
Type: Diverse AI writing suite

Next on our list is Write.Homes, which provides a comprehensive solution with 33 different AI writing tools categorized under seven main functions:

Email and newsletter writing
Strategy and analytics
General copywriting
Social media and advertising
Website content
Advertisement creation

To utilize a tool like the Video Script Writer, users must input their video concept, language preferences, creativity level, desired results, and maximum result length. After the initial free word limit, Write.Homes offers scalable pricing plans to accommodate different levels of need:

Starter Plan: $8/month for 18,000 words
Pro Plan: $18/month for 50,000 words
Agency Plan: $85/month for 1 million words

Write.Homes excels by offering additional features such as customizable templates for various content needs and AI-driven content optimization for grammar and coherence. Unlike platforms like ChatGPT, it lacks a chatbot interface, which could be a downside for those who prefer interactive AI assistance. However, its predefined input options and extensive template library provide significant advantages.

4. ValPal

Cost: Free
Type: Property description AI tool, a tool initially created for lead generation among UK agents and landlords, has recently expanded its offerings to include AI-driven property descriptions inspired by ChatGPT technologies.

This tool allows for the input of property specifics—such as size, location, and features—to generate tailored descriptions that also incorporate SEO-friendly keywords.

ValPal’s ability to streamline property listings and its potential to save substantial time and costs in the real estate sector are impressive. For instance, by reducing the time spent on listing creation, ValPal can save the industry significant sums annually, considering the average wages and the number of agents in the UK.

Complementing is ChatPal, a chatbot designed to convert website traffic into leads by engaging potential clients through strategically crafted scripts. This tool integrates seamlessly with real estate websites and can funnel data directly into CRM systems, enhancing lead management and follow-up processes.

5. REimagineHome

Cost: Free
Type: AI-driven virtual interior design tool

REimagineHome revolutionizes the way real estate agents showcase properties by enabling virtual renovations and redecorations with just a few clicks. Here’s how it works:

Take a photograph of the space you want to redesign.
Upload it to the REimagineHome platform.
Select and highlight the specific areas for modification.
Input design preferences such as style and color.
Generate the new design through the AI tool.

This tool allows users to envision potential changes without physical alterations, providing a virtual taste of redesigned spaces that can significantly enhance property listings.

6. Getfloorplan

Cost: Starting at $17.5 per floor plan
Type: 3D floor plan and virtual tour generator is another invaluable tool for real estate professionals, facilitating the creation of detailed 2D and 3D floor plans along with immersive 360° virtual tours. The process is straightforward:

Upload a sketch or photo of an existing floor plan.
Receive a detailed 3D plan and virtual tour within one business day.

The flexibility to customize floor plans to fit specific needs and styles, coupled with AI-enhanced photo improvements, adds considerable value to property listings. While there are costs associated per plan, the investment can lead to quicker sales and higher satisfaction among potential buyers.


Cost: Paid (specific pricing not listed)
Type: Image analytics and enhancement AI tool stands out for its ability to analyze and enhance property photos using advanced AI techniques. This platform offers multiple solutions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of property listings through improved visual presentations:

Property tagging
Image enhancement
Floor plan generation
Room, object, and watermark detection
Image similarity and search features

These capabilities allow real estate agents to provide more detailed and appealing property visuals, potentially increasing engagement and conversion rates. The precise understanding and categorization of images by enhance listing quality and SEO, thus supporting better market performance.

8. Tableau AI

A product of Salesforce, Tableau AI excels in data visualization and analytics without requiring any coding skills. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface transforms complex data into understandable reports, which can be shared online or embedded in applications. Key features include:

Visualization of property data and market trends.
Performance tracking to gauge sales success.
Data blending from multiple sources for comprehensive analyses.
Interactive client presentations.
In-depth market analysis tools.
Predictive analytics to forecast future market conditions.

9. Julius AI

Julius AI offers an easy-to-use platform for real estate agents who need to analyze diverse data sets. Supporting various file formats and featuring natural language processing, it makes complex data analysis accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise.

10. Polymer

Polymer transforms complex databases into user-friendly, searchable spreadsheets that are instantly accessible and interactive. This tool is especially useful for real estate agents dealing with large amounts of data, providing a clear overview and easy manipulation of information critical to property management and sales strategies.

The Future of AI in Real Estate

As AI continues to permeate the real estate sector, concerns arise about its potential to replace human jobs. While AI significantly enhances efficiency and decision-making, the unique insights and personal touches that real estate agents provide are irreplaceable by machines. AI should be seen as a complement to, rather than a replacement for, the skilled professionals in the industry.

The ongoing development and integration of AI tools in real estate are set to reshape the industry landscape, offering new opportunities and challenges. Agents and firms that embrace these changes can look forward to a more dynamic, efficient, and profitable future.

This exploration into the world of AI tools for realtors underscores the vital role that innovative technologies play in adapting to and thriving within the ever-evolving real estate market.

By leveraging these tools, agents can not only keep up with market developments but also significantly enhance their service delivery and operational efficiency. As we continue to witness the advancement of AI, the real estate sector remains at the forefront of this exciting technological revolution

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