7 Must-have Sales Automation Trends for 2024

Is your sales strategy ready for the revolution? Sales automation, powered by artificial intelligence, is about to make its most significant leap forward.

Don’t just take our word for it. As reported by Business Insider, AI is already freeing up approximately two hours daily for American sales professionals, and that’s with less than a third having adopted the tech.

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Sales experts are increasingly turning to AI to enhance and simplify everything from prospecting and outreach to scheduling. And this is merely the start.

While some argue AI will supplant human jobs, the truth is simpler: AI represents the next step in the evolution of automation tools and processes. The early stages of this evolution were evident in previous years, but 2024 is shaping up to be a landmark year for sales automation.

What can we expect in the near future? Here are the insights from seven leading sales experts for the upcoming year.

AI: A Prospecting Game-Changer “AI showcases the innovation potential for even the smallest tasks. Currently, sifting through customer data to find valuable insights takes up too much time. AI changes that by delivering instant results,” says Brian Stahovich, Sales Director at Integris Lighting. Prospecting is overwhelmed with information, making it a challenge to find and engage with qualified leads. AI prospecting tools are set to revolutionize this, enabling sales teams to identify and qualify leads more efficiently and effectively.
The Noisy Generative AI SaaS Market: 2024 will favor those who master technology to offer their prospects unique experiences and exclusivity, according to Wes Schaeffer, a renowned Sales Consultant and Founder of The Sales Whisperer. As generative AI becomes more accessible, the SaaS market is expected to become increasingly crowded. Schaeffer warns against falling for clickbait claims, advocating for a discerning approach to selecting sales automation tools.
The Human Touch in Personalization: Rafael Torreblanca, Managing Director at Acrobits, emphasizes the importance of human interaction in sales. AI can help target and engage leads, but the personal touch remains irreplaceable, highlighting the value of human intelligence alongside technological advancements.
AI-Enhanced Cold Calling: Derek Nugent, VP of Cybersecurity Sales at Difenda, highlights AI’s role in refining the timing and messaging of cold calls, making it a more intelligent approach to reaching potential customers.
Conversational AI Chatbots’ Expanding Role: Rick Garcia, Founder of G12 Communications, points to the sophistication of AI-driven chatbots in enhancing customer interactions and supporting sales processes, emphasizing their importance in modern sales and marketing strategies.
Continued Consolidation of Sales Tech: Richard Smith, EMEA VP of Sales at Allego, predicts further consolidation within sales technology, highlighting the potential of generative AI to streamline or enhance existing tools.
The Enduring Importance of Analytics: Tetiana Savkova, Production Director at T-Style Limited, discusses how AI will revolutionize sales analytics, providing deeper insights and enabling more targeted and responsive sales strategies.

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A Bright Future for Sales Automation

While 2023 was significant for sales automation, 2024 is poised for even greater advancements, with generative AI leading the way. The key to success will be understanding how to leverage these technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in sales strategies.

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