15 Best AI Voice Generators for 2024

AI voice generation has made remarkable progress in recent years, and in this blog post, we’ll explore the best and most affordable AI voice generators available in 2024. These tools allow you to transform text into realistic voices across a multitude of languages and AI-powered voice-acting personas.

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Top AI Voice Generators for 2024

Here we have fifteen AI voice generators from the many we found on the internet. The tools are good for various usages and are most popular among others as well.

1. Murf

Murf is a standout in the realm of text-to-speech voice generators. It’s designed for creating studio-quality voiceovers suitable for videos, podcasts, and professional presentations. Murf boasts over 100 distinct voices and supports 20 languages.

What sets it apart is its state-of-the-art AI algorithms and an easy-to-use audio editor, allowing extensive customization including pitch, punctuation, and emphasis. Additionally, Murf offers a grammar assistant for script perfection.

Key features include Text to Speech, Voice Cloning, and a Google Slides add-on. Plans range from a free tier to an enterprise option at $167/month.

2. Lovo

Lovo.ai is particularly useful for audio ads, e-learning, audiobooks, and video games. This tool stands out for its human-like voice generation in 33 languages and 180 voice skins. It offers a free 180-character limit trial and has plans starting from $34.99/month.

3. Listnr

Listnr excels in converting text to speech with 570 distinct voices in 75 languages. Notable for its embeddable audio player, it’s ideal for YouTube voiceovers, podcasts, and audiobooks. Pricing starts at $15/month.

4. Speechelo

Speechelo offers natural language conversion with a range of male and female voices. It supports over 20 languages and includes text-to-speech modes like Normal, Joyful, and Serious Tone. Priced at a one-time fee of $47.

5. Play.ht

Play.ht provides almost 600 voice actors and supports 60 languages. It’s known for its simple interface and robust voice synthesis. Plans start at $19/month.

6. ReadSpeaker SpeechMaker

ReadSpeaker SpeechMaker is great for converting written content into natural voice. It offers over 50 high-quality voices in 20 languages. Pricing is based on the number of spoken words or minutes.

7. Streams Speak

Streams Speak is a beginner-friendly tool supporting five languages and three English-speaking styles. It’s free to use with a limit of 10,000 characters per month.

8. Sonantic

Sonantic is widely used in the entertainment industry for its emotion-integration feature. It offers a custom pricing plan and is known for its realistic voice generation.

9. Resemble.ai

Resemble.ai is versatile, ideal for ads and voice assistants. It offers language dubbing and one-click text generation for ads. Plans start at $24/month.

10. Synthesys.io

Synthesys is notable for its unlimited usage feature, supporting multiple tones, accents, and languages. Plans begin at $29/month.

11. Replica

Replica is perfect for game developers and animators, offering realistic voices and various tones. Trial available for 30 minutes of AI-generated voice.

12. Woord

Woord offers a Chrome Extension and supports up to 10 languages. It’s ideal for converting blog posts or web pages into spoken language. Plans start at free with a basic option at $24.99/month.

13. Voicera

Voicera excels in generating voiceovers for blog posts and web pages. It supports over 10 languages and offers a free trial. Pro plans start at $9/user/month.

14. Natural Reader

Natural Reader is a free text-to-speech converter great for listening to documents. It offers a Chrome Extension and supports multiple languages. Paid plans provide more advanced features.

15. Notevibes

Notevibes offers 221 voices in more than 25 languages. It’s ideal for creating voice content for e-books, courses, or advertisements. Pricing starts at $8/month for the personal pack.

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What Is AI?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to computer systems mimicking human intelligence, encompassing areas like natural language processing, speech recognition, and voice generation.

How Does AI Voice Generators Work?

AI voice generators use machine-learning models that process voice recordings to produce human-like speech.

Why Use AI Voice-Generating Software?

These tools are useful for quickly turning text into professional-sounding speech, especially for those uncomfortable recording their voice.

What are the Best AI Voice Generators for Your Business?

The list of the best AI voice genertors can be longer than what we have mentioned here, but the best AI voice generator that we love the most is Murf.ai.

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Voice Generator and a Real Voice?

With advanced AI algorithms, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between AI-generated voices and real human voices.

What Is SSML?

Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) allows more technical control over speech generation, adjusting pitch, rate, and volume.

Is There a Usage Limit for Voice Generation?

Most tools have limits based on the plan, so consider your needs before choosing a software.

How to Build a Voice Generator in Python?

For those with technical skills, Python offers modules like gTTS API to create basic text-to-speech tools.

Using these best AI voice generators, you can create high-quality voiceovers for a variety of purposes, enhancing your content with the power of AI.

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